Caesarean Birth Workshops

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This is a brand new workshop, completely centred around caesarean birth and is created and led by a trained midwife and experienced doula.

I want to help everybody have the most positive experience possible when it comes to caesarean birth, so that you can start parenthood on the right foot.

The course is aimed at those of you who are having a planned caesarean birth as well as those of you who are planning to avoid one at all costs.

We can plan and focus on an intervention free birth as much as possible, but sometimes, Mother Nature just has other plans. Being prepared for the eventuality that you may need a caesarean birth will minimise any stress and fear should events move in that direction during your labour.

The workshop is run in an informal environment to allow everyone to feel comfortable in taking part in the learning activities.

We will cover many aspects of caesarean birth including:

  • What to expect
  • How to prepare
  • Emotional preparation
  • Making a caesarean birth a positive experience
  • Planning for the postnatal period after a caesarean

The groups will be kept small to allow plenty of time for discussions and questions.

Don’t miss your chance to book in to the most in depth antenatal class on caesarean birth!