Marcela and Dimitris

For the birth of our second baby, we decided to work with two doulas and Carolyn was one of them. Being a doula myself, I very much value the constant support that a doula can provide to a mother and her partner.

One of the reasons why we decided to work with her because even though we didn’t hire her in the capacity of midwife, nor did we expected her to provide us midwifery services, it was very reassuring to know that she actually graduated from midwifery before she decided to become a doula. This meant that she is familiar with the way the maternity services work within the NHS and that was very helpful for us.

Carolyn played such an important role in helping us prepare our birth plan and she went through our birth preferences with us over and over again and patiently helped us draft a few documents until we tailored the birth plan that was suitable for us. Her incredibly calm and peaceful manner was reassuring right from the start, she was always available to very promptly respond to any messages that we sent, or answer our phone calls and meet us in person if we needed to.

Any time I felt worried or anxious about any particular issue related to the pregnancy, she always found the right words to make me feel calm.

On the day of the birth, her non-intrusive but constant presence was crucial to our birth being the lovely home birth experience that it was. Carolyn worked beautifully with our other doula, with my husband and with our two midwives, being incredibly respectful and kind. After the birth, our midwives complemented both our doulas for their attention and kind manner. We are very grateful to Carolyn for everything she did and for the passion and dedication that she puts into her work as a doula and we are very happy to recommend her.

Gesine and Dan

Carolyn was our birth doula with our second son. Our first son’s birth was traumatic, and Carolyn really listened to what I needed to support me during this labour and birth. It was so reassuring to have her advice before labour.

During labour, it made all the difference to have her present, not just to help me emotionally and practically but also for her inside knowledge of The System. Much of the few hours in hospital pre-birth were a blur, but I noticed Carolyn checked that staff had seen my anaesthetic management plan and were following it.

Having her extra pair of hands, her knowledge and compassion and her calm presence during pregnancy and labour really helped make my second son’s birth a positive experience, even though I had to have an emergency section in the end.

If I have another child around here I will certainly ask Carolyn to be our doula again.


Kalie and Mark

I could not have gotten through my pregnancy so smoothly and stress free had it not been for the wonderfully supportive and knowledgable Carolyn! An amazing woman to have by my side, to call upon and ask all my random midnight questions and to be put at ease instantly!

Every woman should not only have a doula but every woman deserves a Carolyn!


Ashley and Steffan

We chose Carolyn as our doula as I had a couple of different medical concerns that might affect my birth and felt that with her background in midwifery, Carolyn would be able to provide us with the specialised information we might need whilst offering emotional and practical support through pregnancy, birth and parenthood.

We were not disappointed. Carolyn was always available by text, phone or email throughout our time together and was with us all day when Jacob was born. I ended up having a planned caesarean section and Carolyn was waiting for us at the hospital when we arrived first thing in the morning, and stayed until late evening, making sure that myself, my husband, and our baby boy were all settled. She spent time reassuring my husband on how to hold him, and how to change his nappy and clothes and also how he could help support me with breastfeeding.

Carolyn was the calming influence that we needed in the days leading up to the birth as well as on the day and we think it would have been a lot more difficult without her there. We can’t thank her enough for her calm and considerate support and patience. We hope that she will continue to be a friend as our son grows.


Sandra and Ian

We first met Carolyn when I was pregnant with my first child and was attending an antenatal appointment.  She was a student midwife doing work placement in the clinic.  She approached us after the appointment as she wished to use us in a case study she was doing for her qualification.  Throughout this time we were struck by her professionalism and friendliness.  Carolyn was always available to answer questions or elaborate on advice we were given during pregnancy.  She was always on hand, and gave up her own time to ensure she was free to attend the birth of our son at short notice.  She was both an asset and a comfort during the birth, helping put me at ease, and helped us a great deal in the days, weeks and months after, always available for a call or a visit.  Carolyn has a wealth of specialist knowledge, and is able to convey this plainly, clearly and with great clarity. I would not hesitate to recommend Carolyn to anybody looking for a doula. As well as all the qualities mentioned above she truly does care about the happiness and wellbeing of the mother in her care.

I still to this day keep in touch with Carolyn, as I didn’t feel I could lose touch with someone who had such a big impact on my first pregnancy, a time when every woman is scared and vulnerable.  Carolyn made me feel assured and relaxed. Because of her care, knowledge, reassurance and kindness, when the time came to give birth to my son, once Carolyn was in the room, all that was going through my mind was, “You’re doing great, you can do this!”.